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K&K Mirror Bathroom Services specializes in transforming bathrooms for homeowners.
Our aim is to deliver comprehensive, professional solutions, ensuring a seamless experience tailored
to your requirements.
From creating drawings to securing permits and aiding in material selection,
we handle every aspect of the process.
Whether it’s residential or commercial bathroom projects, including renovations, additions we welcome
your bathroom renovation. As a licensed firm operating in Florida, we adhere to state regulations.
Expect a swift turnaround time from us, coupled with exceptional customer service that our clients
consistently appreciate.



Classic or Traditional Bath:
1. On-the-floor vanity placement
2. Round knobs for cabinets and drawers
3. Round or square-shaped mirrors
4. Smaller tiles used for both shower and floor
5. Chrome finish for hardware
6. Rounded geometry prevalent in handles and towel bars


Modern and Luxurious:
1. Elevated vanity for a contemporary look
2. Absence of knobs or use of sleek, modern knob designs
3. Illuminated mirrors for added sophistication
4. Larger tile formats for a spacious feel
5. Hardware finishes in black for a luxurious touch
6. Square geometry prominent in tiles, mirrors, handles, and towel bars

Construction Cost


    "Leon, first of all thank you for a quality and professional installation in the apartment. It is a pleasure to be able to do the business with someone who not only does good work, but who has an integrity and high level of trust. Thanks for everything and we looking forward to doing more business with you"
    Sy and Bob
    S&B Designs